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share with you COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS TO FOUR Coaching Skills and Insights Videos and a Powerful Value Determination Assessment along with EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Circle Of Life Experiential Webinar that will give you an opportunity to experience coaching insights and learn some impactful ways to optimize your life!  

Additionally, these TRANSFORMATIVE GIFTS will also provide a glimpse of the power of coaching The world needs thousands of coaches right now.  Everyone is called to reimagine their future – everyone – in every country of the world.  This was true 10 years ago.  It is radically true today.  

Some coaches are professionals, some coaches are community service oriented. Anyone from age 14 to 100, who is inspired to support people in improving their opportunities and outcomes, can be a coach.  Truly Empowering!

Just as a THANK YOU for visiting us, here is a insightful video by Rebecca McLean (Co-Founder and Senior Coach Trainer at COLCI) on Succeed Through Soulful Intention!

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What is included in this COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Bundle?

Curated by renowned Circle Of Life Coach Institute Trainers, this FREE Limited Time Only Gift Includes:

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    Complimentary Coaching Bundle Includes:

    • Reflective Listening & Coaching with Rebecca McLean

    • 10 Minute Mind Body Tune-Up with Dr. Roger Jahnke

    • Why Resolutions Fail vs. Soulful Intentions Self Compassion with Rebecca McLean

    • POWERFUL Circle Of Life Personal Core Values Assessment

    • Affirmations and Five Levels Of Speech with Dr. Kalind Bakshi

    • Circle Of Life Experiential Webinar with COLCI Senior Trainers

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